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No matter what industry you are in, and what goals you have, we are a trusted full service media partner. At our offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Copenhagen, we work with media planners, web analytics, marketing strategies and digital experts. And through our global media agency Local Planet, you'll reach new channels across the globe. With us, you always get the maximum value from your media campaigns. How can we help you?

Our History





Tre Kronor Media was founded in 2007 with the ambition of being a media agency with one hundred percent focused on our customers' business. From the beginning, personal commitment has been our value base, and profitable results our promise. We are driven by our curiosity for our customers' operations, and our passion for the media. With our expertise in both old and new media, we have helped many customers reach new heights. Our achievements have so far won us the award for Best Media Agency in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Full service media agency

We at Tre Kronor Media are proud of our wide but at the same time deep expertise that enables us to offer our customers everything they need: Consumer analyzes and market research. Campaign strategies, market budget and positioning. Buy visibility on TV, digital media and search engines. Care of social media, print and outdoor campaigns. As well as optimization and analysis of campaign results. You do not need an agency other than us.

Local expert with global resources

Tre Kronor Media are members of Local Planet: a global network of independent media agencies. We are therefore something as rare as a local Nordic partner with international scope. An accessible agency that can be fast-paced and flexible, but at the same time can offer global relationships, resources and opportunities without rigid agreements and long decision-making chains. With us, you get the best of both worlds.

Personal partner

Tre Kronor Media is an empathic and relations-driven media agency. We do not work with companies but with people, and believe in close cooperation with our customers. Personnel chemistry is important to us. None of our customers are the other equal, which requires us to be flexible and responsive. We take our customers' challenges personally, and throw us into new projects with commitment and genuine interest. We simply care a little more.

Profit-driven analysts

Your successes are our successes. Therefore, we are very careful about concrete and measurable results. The media industry is complex and moves overwhelmingly fast. We support you to use digital media and dare to test new strategies. With the help of our sharp analysts, you have a clear idea of the results your investments provide, and get all the information you need to make good decisions. With us, your media budget is in safe hands.




Digital Media is an important foundation in our history and part of our DNA. We work with solutions and partners that are best for our customers and nothing else. We are agile, technology-driven and strive to make a difference for our clients business through the media. Our specialists work with the various disciplines that our customers demand for example SEM, Programmatic, Social advertising, Native advertising and Influencer marketing. We handle and have excellence in all the most common systems on the market like Adform, DCM, Google Analytics, Smartly.io, Audience Report.


SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or also called search advertising is one of the most effective channels that deliver measurable results such as purchases, leads, ROI and traffic to a webpage. Today both Google and Bing has developed SEM so that it interacts more and more with other digital channels (Display, Video and Social Media). At Tre Kronor Media we work systematically, performance-focused and holistically when we take into account the entire digital media mix as we optimize. We are a Google Premier Partner and are certified in Search, Mobile, Video, Shopping, Display Ads and Google Analytics.


Programmatic media purchases make it possible to reach right person with the right message at the right time and most importantly at the correct stage in the purchase. Using automated shopping strategies and complex data storage, we create actionable insights that you, as an advertiser, need to compete across all media channels. At Tre Kronor Media we have extensive experience in planning, executing and reporting programmatic campaigns that deliver against set business goals.

Influencer marketing

At Tre Kronor Media we work daily with Influencer Marketing through agencies but also directly with the influencers where we provide everything from research to planning and implementation. Placing the right influencer along with the right brand for a successful campaign requires accuracy. Our specialists have both long experience and a genuine interest in the industry. Our ability to combine influencer marketing with other market measures to create the best synergy effects makes us unique in our offer of influencer marketing.

Social Media

Social Media for business is the largest growing branch in Digital Media. At Tre Kronor Media we work with perfectly balanced combination of data, strategy and creativity to achieve the best results for our customers. Today, we offer two areas of Social Media. One in advertising; The area is based on investment, impact and result. Driven by data and excitement in social biddable media for both brand awareness and performance marketing. Another area is social presence and content. Our creators and editors create the most relevant social content based on data and learnings from social advertising. Our goal with Social Media is to create presence and increase the impact for our clients and we do it daily.


Insight helps you with data driven analysis and provides insights about brand position, understanding of customer travel and the effect of communication. In order to achieve optimal results we consider it important to continuously work with insights on customers, the market and the brand, as well as following up and evaluating the result of the communication. In this insight, Tre Kronor Media, with its expertise in the field analysis and media, is a good partner for gaining relevant insights and transforming them in to practical bases and recommended measures. Tre Kronor Media offers target group analysis, digital campaign measurements, competitor analysis, ongoing brand measurement/tracking and pre-tests.


Tre Kronor Media is a proud member of a global network of independent media agencies: Local Planet. This provides many benefits to you as a customer of ours. You get a local partner with knowledge of your home business, which can be fast-paced and flexible. But you also get access to local, international knowledge when you want to reach outside the Nordic. Global scope, without rigid agreements and long decision chains.

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We are curious about you: Your business and your challenges. Your goals, and how we could collaborate to reach them. You are always welcome to us for an unconditional meeting. Get in touch with us today and we'll talk more!

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